Exhibition at Aberglasney starts 22nd June

By sandrajean, May 20 2015 07:32PM

Hi All,

Our exhibition at Aberglasney starts on Friday for two weeks, there will be a wide range of work to see, perhaps not all tied into the gardens as we have stepped in to fill in a cancellation of other exhibitors.

This exhibition will be followed by our scheduled one at Swansea Museum in August entitled " Changing Lives" which is centred around the impact of war on people and places. Sure it is not going to all be 'serious' as we are going to hang out washing on our own 'Seigfreid Line', made up of our interpretations of War Posters.

It will be an interesting and varied exhibition and we look forward to seeing lots of people there.

Best wishes


Aug 13 2015 08:35PM by Enid

just called in to see the exhibition and am really thrilled with all the work!

Aug 13 2015 08:51PM by sandra

Really glad it looks good to you Enid! See you tomorrow

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