Rhian Simons

I have always been a practical person and interested in sewing and craft work of any description. This interest started at a young age as both my grandmothers used to sew, crochet and knit and I always wanted to help. I love textile work as I can use many mediums together to create a piece of work and as I enjoy learning new techniques it could be said that my work is never the same, there is always something new.

I generally start a piece of work with painting a background and can then incorporate recycled items such as lace, buttons and reclaimed fabric I then add layers using print and both hand and machine stitch. I think of my inspirations as being my family, nature and textiles themselves but being a member of three exhibiting groups mean.I am challenged and pushed into directions I would not normally take, these are challenges I relish.

CONTACT: rhian11@btinternet.com